Dry Dock

The dry dock was completed in 1992 and is one of the most modern facilities in the UK. The dry dock accommodates larger vessels including some of the pelagic fleet and oil standby boats and has a maximum vessel capacity of 66 metres x 14 metres with labour and time saving hydraulically operated vessel supports. In addition to this there is a dedicated working area and compound at ground level where plant can be operated and stored. The mechanical apparatus of the dry dock has recently been refurbished with an improvement to the shore side welfare facilities. This includes provision of electric hook up and state of the art mess facilities for Masters, crew members and ancillary staff of vessels using the dry dock. In addition to this an office is provided for the vessels Superintendent/Master overlooking the dry dock from where it is possible to oversee all work taking place within the facility. A Wi-Fi internet connection is available within the dry dock area to ensure communication channels are kept open between the vessels crew and the vessels office. All of these facilities are provided free of charge.

Dry dock charges quoted on this website are for commercial vessels however a flexible pricing structure is available for fishing vessels and for long term occupancy. These queries should be directed to the Harbour Superintendents department who will be happy to answer any queries you may have as well as providing a quotation.