Dry Dock Rates and Charges


Length of Vessel
1st 24 Hours
2nd + 24hrs
per metre 45.00 16.50
 * Short notice cancellation fee of 1st 24hrs chargeable due to unreasonable notification   
Water:- measured (per tonne)  4.02
Garbage - Fishing Vessels  43.66
                  Commercial Vesssels  120.05
Electricity (+VAT):- (per unit)  0.24
Electricity (minimum charge)                                      10.32
Hired generation - for all other power requirements hire rates available on request 
If a skip is required the cost including the landfill tax will be charged 
Sea Water:- N/C
Gangway:- N/C
When the attendance of harbour employees is required outwith normal working hours, applicable overtime rates will apply
Disposal of TBT wash water, if applicable, at cost   
Analysis of paint chip to determine TBT status available at cost