Enhancing the Supply Chain

Details of the local supply chain active in the area are listed on the Supply Chain tab, although it should be noted that this list is not exhaustive. The harbour is also already well served with service companies who operate a 24/7 service to the fishing and commercial fleets. Details of these suppliers can also be provided on request. Accommodation providers, car hire companies and taxi operators who can all be found within the town can also be supplied by the Strategic Delivery Team.

There is a heritage in the town of handling small boats in all weather conditions. The people in this area can therefore cope with the vagaries of the sea and can handle the types of vessels required for offshore access.

The harbour hosts a variety of working boats, which at present provide alternative services, for example the whitefish / nephrops vessels provide guardship duties to the oil industry. The pelagic vessels, thirteen of which are based in Fraserburgh are 50-70 metre super trawlers and are under utilised due to quota restrictions. The owners of these highly manoeuvrable vessels believe they can also provide services to the offshore renewables sector. Contact can be made through the Harbour Commissioners.

Business Development
Aberdeenshire Council and Scottish Enterprise will work with interested companies to build their capacity for entering the offshore wind supply chain. This can be achieved firstly by the promotion of the Wind Support Programme to local companies. This is already underway through the Strategic Delivery Team and Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioners have signed up to the programme.

Financial support
Aberdeenshire Council funds and operates the Support for Aberdeenshire Business Scheme which aims to support business growth and diversification. Businesses can apply to this scheme and receive financial support of up to £15,000 to help improve quality standards, market development, skills development or employment creation. Loans are also available through this programme for the purchase of plant and equipment or working capital of up to £25,000. This support is in addition to that already offered through the mainstream Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway channels and is therefore unique to Aberdeenshire and has proved to be invaluable in the past for encouraging and supporting the diversification and quality improvement processes.

Supporting the potential offshore wind supply chain is a key strand of Aberdeenshire Council’s Economic Development Strategy 2011-2016. Early research is underway by a leading firm of consultants which will inform the additional activities and investments required to boost the competitiveness of the Aberdeenshire business base and potential O&M hubs.

Regeneration Area
Fraserburgh and the surrounding coastline has been identified as a regeneration area by the Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan 2009 - 2014. This has already brought additional public investment to local projects. Current proposals could see this effort concentrated more on Fraserburgh and budgets more focussed on merging areas of need with opportunities. Marine opportunities are clearly a priority to maximise existing resources and providing a broader economic base. Discussions are at an early stage leaving flexibility for further negotiations.