Fraserburgh Harbour Celebrates a Successful Skipper Expo 22

Fraserburgh Harbour took the opportunity to make the most of Scottish Skipper Expo 2022 believing the event was the perfect opportunity to gather feedback on their ambitious Masterplan.

The harbour team ran a survey over both days, offering free entry to a raffle with the prize of Ship Lift visit up to the value of £2000. The purpose of the survey, aimed at vessel owners and skippers, was to gather feedback on the Masterplan itself as well as the challenges and opportunities facing the catching industry.

Feedback on the Fraserburgh Harbour Masterplan was incredibly positive with the majority being in favour.  Comments included “ambitious but worth the investment” and “everything I have seen … looks brilliant”.

Commercial Manager, Pamela Neri said ‘The Skipper Expo was the perfect opportunity to engage with the fishing community and hear what they had to say. We were able to ask a range of questions that will help us to deliver a robust Outline Business Case which is the next step in this journey”.  

Michael Murray, Convener said “Fishing is part of our DNA and it was great to have the opportunity to meet with our customers for the first time since 2019 but also to hear their thoughts on the Masterplan.”

The Fraserburgh Masterplan would see the harbour expand in size by approximaely 40% with two new breakwaters, a multi-purpose deepwater quay, additional dry dock and development land.

The winner of the voucher was local vessel owner John Alexander with the Chloe May.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Masterplan can contact Pamela on 01346 515858 or