Masterplan unveiled for Fraserburgh Harbour

Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioners 

Fraserburgh Harbour has unveiled a new masterplan, which will benefit the local fishing fleets and create new jobs.

In 2019 the Harbour Commissioners undertook a Masterplan exercise setting out a vision and strategic framework for the development of infrastructure over the next 20 years which would support growth in existing markets as well as facilitating and attracting new business.  

The plan was subsequently updated in March 2021 with respect to fisheries, offshore renewable energy opportunities and potential economic benefits.

Masterplan proposals comprise enhancing infrastructure within the existing harbour area, deepening Faithlie Harbour and improving access to the Fish Market, as well as widening the entrance to Balaclava Harbour and enhancing the ship lift facility.

The more strategic proposals include an extension to the existing breakwater and the construction of a new deep-water basin at the south end of the harbour – whilst a major investment, these proposals will have a profound and transformational impact on harbour business and the local community.

Key benefits include:

  • Safeguarding and creating new and high value-added employment opportunities for the local community as well as attracting in new people, enhancing population retention and growth.
  • There will be demand for particular skills through attracting business in new sectors, which could lead to more learning opportunities for the local community.
  • An increase in economic activity will stimulate investment and regeneration in the town, both in terms of its physical infrastructure and in business-related facilities.