Port Infrastructure

infrastructure1Fraserburgh harbour offers a well regarded facility with a proven track record, whose long term future is secured by diverse income streams. With approximately 2.5 miles of quayside, the harbour has easy access with 8.9 metres water depth at chart datum in the approach channel. Within the harbour there is safe berthing providing efficient quayside transit of support personnel, materials, equipment and goods. Bay services are provided by the Harbour Commissioners and the harbour also supports fuel, cargo and craneage facilities onsite and is surrounded by marine engineers, chandlery, fabricators, coatings specialists and other core skills which are relevant to offshore activities. These companies regularly work in partnership with the harbour to respond and serve a variety of clients with a keen understanding of commercial realities. Sheltered anchorages are also available to the east of Fraserburgh Harbour.

The harbour is already functioning as a repair and maintenance hub internationally as significant contracts have been fulfilled for maintenance on Danish, Faroese, Greenlandic and Irish boats. This is a growing market as more ports and harbours lose key skills, still retained in Fraserburgh. These skills are equally as transferable to the offshore wind O&M activities with local training provision able to respond to smooth this transfer of skills.infrastructure2

These repair contracts are carried out within the harbours modern shiplift and dry dock facility. The shiplift is capable of lifting vessels up to 900 tonnes in weight, 36 metres in length and 10.5 metres beam and provides repair berths for six vessels. The modern dry dock dimensions are 66 metres x 14 metres. The mechanical apparatus of the dry dock has recently been refurbished and the services building offers excellent shore side welfare facilities for personnel and crew involved with refits.

Both areas are fitted with labour and time saving hydraulically operated vessel supports and offer wifi internet connection and electric hook up provisions. Excellent support services are available and cover the full range of services including engineering, coded welding, painting etc. together with the specialised trades of electrical engineering, hydraulic engineering, navigation services, refrigeration, steel and aluminium fabrication. All survey work to class and MCA requirements including ultrasonic and non destructive testing can be facilitated.infrastructure3

The outer and inner Balaclava Basins are located at the north end of the harbour.  The inner basin has a water depth of 5.6 metres at chart datum and the outer Balaclava has 5.9 metres at chart datum. The outer Balaclava Basin affords approximately 500 metres of quayside mooring whilst the Inner Basin gives a quayside area of 300 metres. A major part of these basins can be made available to the offshore renewables sector. There is shore power available around these basins and there is a project planned to further enhance this for all vessels due to be completed by late summer 2015.  The port is equally suitable for a small boat strategy should this be the preferred option with basins at the south of the harbour ideally suited to this, consideration would be given to exclusive use of a basin should this be desirable.

Property Development Options

The major commercial sites currently available are listed below. In addition to these there are business centres, office suites and smaller sites throughout the town which can be viewed on most property agents’ websites.

Brownfield sites:
Kessock Industrial Estate – Aberdeenshire Council owned estate located off South Harbour Road. Plans are being discussed in relation to an investment by Aberdeenshire Council in redeveloping and modernising this industrial estate.

Two other commercial sites may be available. One is adjacent to Kessock Industrial Estate and owned by Powerjacks, another is located at 21 Denmark Street and was an engineering facility.

Greenfield sites:
Fairney Business Park. Owned by Aberdeenshire Council, two sites are available: Site A of 1.88 ha (4.64 acres) and site B of 1.18 ha (2.92 acres). Land is zoned for employment use and Aberdeenshire Council is willing to enter negotiations on land options and servicing.

There is a further 20 ha of zoned land in the Local Development Plan in two main sites, one of 19 ha to the West entry into the town and one of 2.16 ha to the East of the harbour.

Fraserburgh Harbour
2000 square metres is available adjacent to the Inner Balaclava Basin (permanent mooring areas) for immediate utilisation. Development areas with a combined space of 5,950 sq metres are also available on the south part of the harbour.

North East Scotland College has explored the use of their 24 acre campus for further employment related development. Employment uses may be appropriate for development on sections of this land, in particular where there is a link to the college’s core activities in engineering. This land may require a longer lead time for development but offers interesting possibilities for an O&M hub. This is the same area that North East Scotland College are also willing to enter into discussions regarding a helipad.