North Harbour Basin

The Grampian Talisman arrived at the harbour to undergo major repair works by local traders and is the first of the large non fishing vessels to utilise the North Harbour Basin following completion of the deepening project. The Commisioners intention when building the new basin was to continue to support the fishing industry but also to encourage vessels from other sectors like oil and ferries to use the port which would provide additional business for the traders of the port.
The multimillion-pound upgrade of Fraserburgh Harbour was completed at the end of September and provides over three-hundered metres of new quay side space to accommodate deeper draughted vessels. The Grampian Talisman with dimensions of 78 metres x 17 metres x 5 metres draught is an example of the type of ship that prior to the deepening would have been unable to use the port. Any enquiries to use the basin or any other part of the port should be directed to the Harbour Office in the first instance