Cargo Rates & Charges


Cargo vessels for each period of 1 week, or part thereof, during which vessel is in harbour per gross registered tonne – all tonnages as per Lloyds Register of Shipping. Shelter decks, 2nd decks and deck cargo charged in addition 0.54

The rates specified above will not be charged both on arrival of a vessel inwards and on her next sailing outwards but shall be only charged on one of them. It shall be the option of the Commissioners to charge the said rates either on the arrival inwards or the sailing outwards

For the vessels sailing from the harbour and put back by stress of weather or other cause, without having accomplished the voyage, no additional rates shall be charged on such return until such time as the period already paid for has expired.

Goods Rates

Goods of all descriptions rated by weight shall be charged accordingly to gross weight. Where rates have been paid for goods on importation and such goods are re-shipped without having been processed and have not changed ownership it shall be optional to the Commissioners to exempt such goods from the payments of rates on re-shipment, provided they are re-shipped within three calendar months

All goods landed or discharged at the Port and not specified in this schedule or the Schedule of Rates and Charges shall be liable to the rates applicable to such goods as in the determination of the Commissioners shall be the nearest in description and value to such unspecified goods.

Frozen  import (per tonne) 6.97
Frozen Whitefish export (per tonne) 3.01
Frozen Fish Offal 1.17
Fertiliser 0.88
Potatoes 1.10
Salt 0.91
Cement 1.84
Iron and Steel 1.87
Paper, Board etc 1.87
Pipe and Oil related 1.55
Wood 1.03
Animal feedstuff/cereal 1.06
Coal and Peat 0.95
Stone, gravel, sand 0.90
Gas or Diesel Oil 1.92
Offshore related equipment 3.74

Other Charges

Description Detail  
Price £
Compulsory Garbage Charge 1st week 120.05
  each subsequent week thereafter 60.03
Pilotage per gross registered tonne on entry and departure as per port pilotage directions  0.28
Pilot attendance outwith normal hours (per three hour periods) 205.00
Bay Service for the first hour or part thereof 283.76
  thereafter for every hour or part thereof  
  Monday to Friday normal working hours  
Linesman (As required) Monday-Friday normal working hours 53.04
  (As required) outwith normal hours 100.78
Passengers (Each) 1.98
Storage of cargo equipment on piers & quaysides

Per square metre


Overtime when attendance of habour employees is required outwith normal working hours, applicable overtime rates will apply.
Water measured per tonne  4.02
  connection charge outwith normal hours (excl minimum charge of 6 tonnes of water) 109.41
Electricity rate per unit used (+VAT) 0.24
FRC per entry 63.87
Weighbridge per tonne for goods on which harbour dues are paid  0.33
Weigbridge per tonne for goods on which harbour dues are not paid (excluding VAT) 12.08