Shiplift & Dry Dock

Fraserburgh Harbour boasts two ship repair facilities namely the Shiplift and Dry Dock with support services available locally which cover the full range of facilities demanded by a modern marine fleet, including engineering, coded welding, water blasting, painting etc. This is complimented by specialist trades in electrical engineering, navigational services, refrigeration, steel and aluminium fabrication etc. All survey work to class and MCA requirements, including ultrasonic and non destructive testing, can be facilitated. Contact details for these companies and many more can be found in the” supply chain” section of this website. The latest technology is incorporated in the facilities to provide the highest quality of work, speed the access of vessels onto the facilities and also permit traders engaged in servicing vessels to work in a safe environment. Personal attention and the keenest of pricings can be assured throughout. For further information on either of the repair facilities please contact Mr John Murison, Harbour Superintendent or Mr Scott Ritchie, Assistant Harbour Superintendent.