Vice Convenor of Board of Commissioners Announced

We are pleased to officially announce Councillor Doreen Mair as the Vice Convenor of our Board of Commissioners.

This appointment reflects Doreen’s commitment to – and passion for – the Harbour and the potential the future holds for us. Having joined the Board in 2017, she has played a key role in the development of the Masterplan, since it was conceived in 2019.

As Councillor for Fraserburgh and District, there are few who could be better placed to understand the positive impact that the development of the Harbour will have upon our town and region.

Her position as Vice Convenor illustrates her role as a key driver on our journey; she applies her knowledge, enthusiasm and political acumen as we work to ensure the Harbour is a dynamic economic enabler, making major contributions not only to our community but to North Aberdeenshire as a whole, delivering long-term prosperity for everyone, safeguarding our fishing and marine servicing industries and helping to bring forth our country’s energy transition.

A huge thank you to Doreen for her continued support of the Harbour and our long-term future.